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how we work

Our services are delivered using a simple tried and true delivery process.

 The Ask

Does my IT meet my goals?

Ask that about your software, websites and apps and IT services. If the answer is “no” we should talk. Making the answer “yes” is the goal of every project.


Match needs and resources

Every project starts with a series of discussions to determine your goals. There is no right way to build an application but there is a better way for you.


“let’s make a deal”

Let’s protect our interests with a plain, thorough contract that defines expectations for both sides. We prefere digital signatures and a clear agreement.


Experience to Excellence

We can ensure that high quality, best practice standards will be used to make sure your solution is efficient and adaptable. It will do what it’s supposed to when you expect it to.


On Your Servers

You will see your product take shape & and once delivered it’s yours. You control the code and we will license it to you in perpetuity.
No residual development fees.


Learning & Best practice

Code is not enough. Users need help. Delivery documentation, training, setting up backups and are included in quotes. For WordPress applications: 3 months of managed updates.

what we do

WordPress Solutions
Strategic Implementation
Shared Hosting